New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs - Trail Permits - New Brunswick's extensive, managed snowmobile trail system supports a significant winter tourism industry. The entire network is maintained primarily by the volunteers in the 51-member clubs of the NBFSC. It is estimated there are more than 20,000 snowmobile users in New Brunswick, counting residents and visitors. Maintaining the system of trails is dependent on funding from the Trail Permits that all snowmobilers must purchase and display when using NBFSC trails.

Recreational-Use Closed Courses  - In practical terms, a recreational-use closed-course is an area which is designed and managed to provide a safe, controlled environment where properly trained off-road vehicle users 6-13 years of age can operate age-appropriate off-road vehicles.

NBFSC's Interactive Maps. Locate all snowmobile trails in New Brunswick, learn about their status and find services close to the trails.

NBFSC Snowmobile Trail Maps are available at NBFSC Corporate Partners, Member Snowmobile Clubs, the NBFSC Office, and at Service New Brunswick outlets when you purchase your trail permit.